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BMW to Purchase Land near Munich Plant

BMW is being melancholic these days since it has decided to purchase a new factory for its historic vehicles, which is actually a building that belonged to the airplane engines in the first decades of the last century.

The German car manufacturer has purchased the plot which covers around 140,000 square feet in a small town near Munich.

The plot is just a mile away from the BMW`s Munich Plant, where the four-cylinder engines are being manufactured.

BMW to Purchase Land near Munich Plant

BMW to Purchase Land near Munich Plant

The land would house the classic vehicles and motorcycles that BMW has kept intact for so many years, along with the long series of MINI and Rolls-Royce models.

The purchase of the land would actually increase the size of the BMW`s plant, comprising the BMW Museum, BMW Welt and the original factory from 1918 in one place. Overall, this would be an amazing place to store together all the historical models from BMW.

The new building to be enhanced, will also house the BMW Group Classic workshop, a centre where customers will have the chance of buying BMW classics.

With this project, BMW is trying to preserve its heritage as one of the best classic-luxury combined cars in the world.


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