100 years of BMW in one minute

The day when BMW will mark 100 years of activity is basically around the the corner, with less than two years left on the clock.

So it comes as no surprise that the German car maker has already started making preparations for the celebration.

100 years of BMW

100 years of BMW

They decided to start us off with a very nice 60 seconds video showcasing most of their cars throughout the decades, cars that made the company the international automotive industry giant that it is. Admittedly, it is quite hard to squeeze all of their models in such a short video, but they have managed.

100 years of BMW

100 years of BMW

The only downside is that a few seconds could have been spared for missing models like the E36, E38, E39 or E60, cars that have been in their own time, iconic for BMW. But while diehard fans might be a bit disappointed, the one minute video remains a very good way to start what promises to be a very interesting 100 years of activity celebration. Watch video just below.


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