BMW X4 / Spy Photos

BMW X4 in Spied Photos

There is plenty of stuff to write about BMW in general, especially when the German manufacturer is launching or is about to launch new models on the go.

This is also the case of the debated new BMW X4 which has been recently caught in some spy photos, a CUV which began rolling out just a year ago.



As seen in the photos, the car is camouflaged at the rear end which is definitely a clue that this is the new X4. If you take a closer look, it appears that there are the same elements to share with the present X4, like the headlights and the rear roofline.



There are fresh news for the foglights, which have been modified, with updates at the rear of the car as well, since the camouflage may seem to indicate that.



Overall, the camouflaged CUV isn’t a lot different from the production model. As for its size, the car seems to be quite the same with another important flagship like the 3-Series Gran Tourismo, which might come in big style.

The midsize CUV is expected to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April and we will get our chances on finding more about the car then.

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