BMW 3-Series

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo on a Spin

The Germans from BMW are keen to reveal the new 3-Series Gran Turismo as the fresh sub-segment car to get the practicality package of the 3-Series Tourer, all coupled in a sedan.

The 3-Series Gran Turismo receives some important updates for the body. We are talking about some fresh new kidney grilles and fascia, along with larger headlights.

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

The new BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo is coming with aero elements that are meant to reduce drag by channeling air found around the front wheels.

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

At the rear, the car has an active spoiler, with a wing expected to reduce rear lift of the Gran Turismo`s aerodynamics, making it closer to the Sedan.

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

The taillights are also one of a kind. The Sedan`s 3 Series rear lights have been transformed into a hockey stick-shaped unit, elongated wheelbase for a more stable 17-inch wheels and weight distribution at the same 50:50.

The new BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo, has updated suspension, with tweaks for electromechanical steering.

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