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BMW will overhaul their dealerships

There is a slight chance that you might have noticed the fact that BMW is reworking his car lineup.

They have further differentiated the 1 and 3 Series versions with the addition of the 2 and 4 Series while also branching out into the electric/hybrid market with the i3 and i8.

BMW Dealership

BMW Dealership

But that is not all there is to it, as the Bavarian car maker is taking the overhaul to another level. Recent news indicate the fact that they are redoing the whole of their dealerships, an investment that will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $2.8 billion.

Over the next 4 years we should expect dealerships to become bigger, more open and turn a strange beige color, with a space especially reserved for BMW’s Geniuses. BMW North America CEO said that “you cannot have all the cars and all the variants at the dealership, but you can impressively show them on a screen.” This desired change seems to take after Apple stores, as they seems customer friendly.


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