BMW i3 Electric to Be Priced as the 3-Series in the US

Top executives at BMW stated that the German luxury car manufacturer is expecting the i3 electric to share the same price as the 3-Series in the United States.

The first electric car that BMW has launched will be available in the US starting this May, and the automaker is spending billions on the developing of the i3 and also i8 plug-in hybrid supercar.

BMW i3 electric

BMW i3 electric

The company`s goal is to sell more than two thousands electric i3s in the first year in the United States alone, hoping to build the carbon fiber bodies just on time in Washington, with the help of a joint venture in Moses Lake.

BMW i3 electric

BMW i3 electric

All BMW stores in the US are following the upgrading plans for the i3 electric to come. The car will be available for sale this summer, being priced at $42,275, closely to a 3-Series model.

BMW i3 electric

BMW i3 electric

For the next five years, the US dealers will spend more than $2.5 billion in their outlets, expanding the capacity of their showrooms with more than 40%, to let the i3 electric breath fresh air.

BMW`s i3 is considered to be a smashing in the United States, with sales to exceed all expectations.


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