BMW i3 to come in Limited Electronaut Edition, Future i5 on Discussion

BMW is being on the role these days, with a lot of future plans ahead. Jacob Harb, the head in charge with the electric vehicle operations and strategy, states that BMW has future plans concerning the i3.

Plans include Electronaut leases and thousands of EV test drives, since the BMW is working on a new project, BMW EV, which is supposing to be the i5.

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

At the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Harb also stated that the name of the upcoming generation of the BMW`s green car is not known so far, but it involves a bigger one, with a more range than the i3, which might by the next-generation of the BMW`s Evs.

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

As for the future launch of the i3, BMW has developed some leases programs, which is the ActiveE electronaut program, with leases to be extended for the first participants, starting with this January.

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

BMW i3 Electronaut Edition

A special Electronaut Limited Edition of the i3 will be upgraded, cost free. When Harb was asked about its upcoming features, he told the press that there are not any major differences, as the options and the features of the car, are only developed to make the i3 stand amongst the others.


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