Late 2014 will bring the new X5 M and X6 M

We have already seen a bit of the brand new X5 and X6 during various events over the past year, mostly about the F15 BMW X5.

And with 2014 here we start hearing about the M variants of the two vehicles.

2014 F15 BMW X5 M

2014 F15 BMW X5 M

Just like any other M build out there, we should expect some extra power and a bit of a design upgrade for the X5 M and X6 M. Judging from some spy photos snapped of the camouflaged BMW X5 M, we see that most of the visual changes will be concentrated on the front fascia.

2014 F15 BMW X5 M

2014 F15 BMW X5 M

While the official unveiling is estimated somewhere towards the end of 2014, we should expect some pictures prior to that, be it courtesy of the German car maker or at the very least some more spy photos. With the demand of SUVs on the rise, we can be sure that these two models will be well received by BMW fans or otherwise.

Photo credit:autoevolution


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