BMW autonomous driving tech

I know there are a lot of projects out there with the aim to create an autonomous vehicle, but how many projects aim to build a “highly automated driving” system?

Well, I know of at least one being in the works at BMW, and they plan to unveil it at the Los Angeles Consumer Electronics Show.

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive

Unfortunately, the German car maker didn’t go so far as to detail what exactly consists a “highly automated driving” system, and how is it different from all the other techs developed by various manufacturers. Hopefully, it won’t be just a difference in name.

The same event will also be host to a couple other gems from BMW. They will be revealing a brand new app for their ConnectedDrive system which basically let you check the status of your car via a smartphone or similar device. Secondly, it seems that the car maker will be announcing yet another cooperation contract with what they call a “leader in the consumer electronics industry.”


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