The BMW Z4 Gets the New Pure Fusion Design

The BMW Z4 has always stepped forward with its unique temper, powerful engine and above all, futuristic equipment that is beautifully enhanced in its interior.

The electric retractable hardtop reveals the BMW Z4`s luxury interior that is so wonderfully put into light by Pure Fusion Design, the well-known equipment package developer.

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

Pure Fusion Design gives the BMW Z4 the exclusive aesthetic appeal it deserves, by marking the interior with various colors and materials to express the true meaning of a sporty luxury interior. The package comes with a Nappa leather trim and sport seats which are specially designed in Ivory White.

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

The door panels of the BMW Z4, armrests as well as the passenger`s pull handle also benefit the exquisite leather and contrast stitching. The window sills, top of the dashboard and the instrument cluster scoop are all covered in black leather in contrast with brown lap-folded seams.

The BMW Z4`s trim on the center console and the five round controls are available in Fineline wood, and the sun visors are all covered in Pure Fusion Design which cover them with black Nappa leather.

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