BMW embracing the holiday spirit with gift suggestions

While it’s not a new practice by any means, this year’s holiday season was greeted by big companies with brand gifts and toys.

BMW is not one to shy away from such a thing, as they already presented their suggestions for the month.

BMW Gift Suggestions

BMW Gift Suggestions

There is a little bit for everyone, starting with the kids, who enjoy it the most. After amply begging their parents, they can get a very sweet BMW ride, a Z4 RideOn, which, helped by the battery pack, can go up to 4 km/h. If the junior feels he is a bit too grown-up for the Z4, BMW also offers a nice Snow Pacer for just € 79.

BMW Gift Suggestions

BMW Gift Suggestions

Moving on to more serious gifts, BMW makes available for any discerning customer various other articles, two very green ideas, namely a solar powered device charger which will work for most gadgets you have and a BMW i Urban Mega Shopper, built entirely out of recycled PET bottles.


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