BMW issues big motorcycle recall

It seems that the US authorities have found out yet another fault with BMW products, with a recent motorcycle issue uncovered.

And while these things can cost a manufacturer quite some money, it’s far better than the alternative.



It seems that the German car maker will have to recall 2.475 units Stateside. The affected models are the K1600GT and K1600GTL produced in 2012, and the mentioned issue affects the throttle. It seems that if a certain set of conditions are met, the engine of the bikes can stall, and that is never good on two wheels.

Going deeper into details, it seems that the part at fault is a throttle valve. The part could send a false signal to the ECU (engine control unit), causing it to limit the engine speed and possibly stalling it. As always, the recall will get all the affected bikes into a service where BMW will replace the faulty part free of charge.


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