BMW i8 wins another prize: Design of the Year Award

There is one thing we just have to appreciate about BMW, even beyond the great quality of their products, and that is the way they keep true to a concept.

Whenever a car maker releases a concept of a certain model, it passes several stages before reaching production form, and that final form usually is so much more bland and tasteless.

BMW i8

BMW i8

Yet BMW manages to keep the styling almost unchanged from the concept phase up until it reaches assembly lines. And that is a good thing, as most concepts tend too look quite amazing. The same thing has happened with the i8 hybrid supercar, which didn’t really change much in design from the first form until now.

BMW i8

BMW i8

In fact, the car is so good that it already started gathering prizes under its belt, well before it is released unto the streets. And we can’t help but notice this happening in a similar fashion to its smaller brother, the i3. Now, after already making 2nd place as the best surpercar in a top 100 released by Jeremy Clarkson, it also managed to get a 1st prize in Automobile Magazine’s 2014 Design of the Year Award.

BMW i8

BMW i8

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as not many working vehicles can pull that kind of looks on a relatively low budget. So I guess congratulations are in order for the German car maker their i8 model.


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