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More news on the BMW-Toyota sports car

For a while now, we have been hearing about a nice little project the Bavarian manufacturer has been working on in joint venture with Toyota.

Now, we have another tidbit of info regarding the vehicle.

BMW Toyota joint venture

BMW Toyota joint venture

It seems that while the effort of BMW is quite substantial, the car will actually be a successor for the Lexus LFA model. The source of this bit seems to have inside information about the choice for the car: a two door vehicle with a hybrid power source.

The hybrid solution comes from Toyota, as they have been perfecting the system for quite some time now, but rumors also say that BMW will pitch in with a nice 4.4 liter V8. While the chassis has not been chosen yet, as far as we know, chances are that BMW will also provide this piece, as they hit it big with the CFRP body on the i3.

More information is sure to emerge in time, as development advances, but we’ll just have to be patient.


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