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BMW UK explains i charging

With the BMW i3 already in showrooms, everybody is expecting the industry to shift, just as the German car maker promised.

But as you might think, even an excellent electric vehicle won’t be enough to bring about the change.

BMW i charging

BMW i charging

A big part of a vehicle’s success, especially one that is not conventional yet, is the infrastructure. And this is still a limiting factor for most electric cars around the world. In order to put some doubts to rest, BMW UK decided to make a short video explaining just how well the country is equipped for the new i3.

BMW i charging

BMW i charging

To be more specific, they are explaining the option you will have when it comes to recharging your vehicle. Basically, there are three options so far: charge your BMW i3 at home, at work or at the 5.000 stations across UK.

BMW i charging

BMW i charging

If you choose to charge at home, you have the option of using a normal wall socket, or you can go for a charging station, with its installation cost being covered 75% by the government. But just check it out for yourselves below.


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