BMW released pricing for their i8 model in the UK

The hybrid supercar from BMW, the i8 model, has kept enthusiasts glued to their screens, avidly gathering any information on the model.

And with specs emerging slowly but steadily, the BMW i8 is shaping up to be a very interesting vehicle.

BMW i8

BMW i8

Now we also got the price of the model for the UK market, and that is £99.845. While you might say it is a little steep, you hate to take into consideration the technology incorporated into this one vehicle, and the fact that this was calculated as the OTR (on the road) price, taking into account registration and the taxes for the first year of ownership.

BMW i8

BMW i8

While they do not mention any government deductions, we do get some numbers. Under the hood, the BMW i8 sports a combination of a 2 speed electric motor capable of churning out 131 Hp and a 3 cylinder gasoline engine delivering on 231 Hp. The sprint to 100 km/h is achieved in just 4.4 seconds, considering the vehicle weighs just under 1.500 kg.
This is all achieved while being able to return 2.5 liters/100 km fuel consumption.


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