BMW i3 makes Sunday Times’ top

More laurels are being handed to the brand new BMW i8, with the latest coming thanks to The Sunday Times.

They managed to compile a top 100 with their favorite vehicles, and the new electric Bimmer didn’t fail to deliver.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The hailed small city model, grabbed first place in the Hybrid and Electric category, dashing ahead of more established EVs like the Prius. “BMW has bided its time while others took their first tentative steps into the electric car market. The brilliance of the i3 comes not in revolutionary battery technology for there is none, but by being a car someone might consider buying for reasons other than it’s electric.”

BMW i3

BMW i3

While the BMW i3 was expected to grab some attention, even if just because it’s a BMW, it did more than that, still working towards its foretold future as a game changer. But a number 1 place in a 100 top, even if we are talking about The Sunday Times, really isn’t definitive proof, especially since the BMW i3 is not yet on the street.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The problem might be the fact that we are raising the vehicle to a place so high, that it might end up disappointing despite all of its technological advances and plethora of nice features.


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