BMW X4 M may not enter the range

We have new details on the high-performance M version of the new BMW X4. Unfortunately, recent reports are showing that a BMW X4 M is quite unlikely to happen.

The main reason why BMW is not very sure to introduce a sportier variant of the German crossover is another model in range.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

We talk about the BMW X6 M, the Bavarians saying that an M version of the BMW X4 could endanger the sales of its bigger brother.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

The BMW Product Communications manager, Bernhard Ederer, said that the BMW X4 M is unlikely to be introduced but the final decision is still not taken.

BMW X4 Concept

BMW X4 Concept

“It is a little bit selfish, as it is not always about what a number of customers would like but what for us is the best business opportunity,” says BMW. We will keep you up to date on how this story develops.

*BMW X4 Concept pictured above


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  1. the X4 must just come for us who cannot afford its brother.

    i like it madly. cant wait

  2. Thanks bring it soon

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