F15 BMW X5 – Intelligent safety button video

Today’s cars have a plethora of tech incorporated into them, ranging from driving assistants to comfort features and even some vanity tech.

And it has been several years since this huge amount of features have been used on premium cars.

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

BMW, being one the the premium car making giants, is up to date with pretty much every piece of tech on its cars. Problem is that with so many features, it is quite hard to get accustomed to most of it. And since each manufacturer adopts a different style to tackle this problem, newcomers to BMW might struggle even more.

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

Still, far be it from BMW to let you struggle in vain. On the latest iteration of their F15 BMW X5 they installed a button that makes it easy to control the basic safety features installed, like the Frontal Collision Warning, Pedestrian Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Active Blindspot Detection. It is all done with a simple button.

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

F15 BMW X5 Safety Button

In a short video, they explain exactly how to use this new button, located just below the hazard lights button. You can watch the video below.

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