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BMW offers version 2.2.0 of the Connected App

It has been stated that we now live in the age of speed, and this fact can be seen in many aspects of our life.

The car making industry is also molded by this age, with manufacturers building ever faster cars, or launching new models with increased regularity.

Connected App

Connected App

The IT keeps up with the rest of the tech, with new hardware and software features becoming accessible on a larger scale. BMW proved they are in tune with the trend when they launched the Connected App for iPhone. And now they are releasing the 2.2.0 version of it.

This latest version just fixes some bugs reported in the soft, and any software developer knows that a good program is one that is constantly evolving.

The Connected App allows iPhone owners to drive around while still managing to stay connected with the rest of the world via Twitter or Facebook or to get your news feed via RSS. In order to use the App, you must have iOS 5 or later, and is best suited for your iPhone 5.


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