BMW’s new C Evolution E-Scooter

As you might know, BMW invested a lot of money researching technology for their “born electric” city car, the i3.

And with grand promises to change the industry forever, what we have seen so far, chances are it might just do that.

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

But with so much invested into R&D, using the results on just one product would seem wasteful, and Germans are anything but wasteful. So why not build a scooter that can benefit from what they learned engineering the i3?

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

It is called the BMW C Evolution E-Scooter, and we caught wind of it at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The drive train makes full use of i3′s innovations, from the batteries to the permanent magnet motor able to produce 47 Hp and 72 Nm of torque.

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

BMW C Evolution E-Scooter

Since the C Evolution is an electric scooter, you get full torque the minute you start to accelerate. Reaching 100 km/h (yes, it does) takes just 6.2 seconds, and at 120 km/h it’s topped. After a full recharge cycle of just 4 hours, you can get somewhere around 100 km of range on the C Evolution.

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