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Another advertisement for BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned program

For those that want a premium vehicle, BMW has a large range of products to provide for every taste. For those that want a premium vehicle, but are on a tight budget, BMW also provides via its Certified Pre-Owned program.

While still a little pricier than the normal second hand market, it is also far superior.

Certified Pre-Owned Program

Certified Pre-Owned Program

Buying a pre-owned vehicle, as BMW likes to put it, directly from them gives you not only the vehicle you want at a lower price, but you also have the certainty that everything on the car is working as intended. How can you be sure of this? Well, the numbers never lie.

The program has seen a 19.2 percent growth, making for undeniable proof that the services BMW provides are just as good as for their brand new vehicles. This year, the month of August reported 2.696 sold units more than the previous year. To further broadcast the Certified Pre-Owned program, BMW launched another video advertisement, which you can see just below.


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