BMW i3 starts lowering prices

Right now, electric car technology, although fairly advanced, is still quite expensive, and so are the cars that use it.

Still, governments want electric cars on their roads, and there are plenty programs to encourage buyers to go for EVs.

BMW i3

BMW i3

One of the incentive officials approve is grants to lower the cost of the vehicles. This way, they are more appealing for a larger group of people.

BMW i3

BMW i3

The first of the countries to announce grants for the new BMW i3 is UK, and the quantum is 5.000 GBP. The great news comes from Norman Baker, UK’s transport minister, in a recent press release. “I am delighted that BMW’s new i3 has just qualified for the Coalition Government’s Plug-in Car Grant. We have now had over 5,000 claims made for our Plug-in Car and Van Grants, which is excellent progress”.

BMW i3

BMW i3

After the grant is applied, the BMW i3 will bear the price of 25.680 GBP if you go for the electric only version, or 28.830 GBP if you choose the range extender version.


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