Official images for the 2014 BMW i8 leaked

Scheduled to make its official debut on September 10 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW i8 gets leaked today in two official photos.

It is true that we’ve seen a ton of images with the new i8 hybrid sports car but these are official photos showing the production variant, not a prototype or concept model.

2014 BMW i8 leaked

2014 BMW i8 leaked

The main differences compared to the concept version are the doors and the alloy wheels. Inside, the model still retains the digital instrument clusters but gets a series of modifications making it quite similar to other models in the range.

Powering the new BMW i8 is a 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo unit offering 231hp and 320Nm of torque but also an electric motor adding an extra 131hp and 250nm of torque.

2014 BMW i8 leaked

2014 BMW i8 leaked

Even the total output of the German sports car is 362 horsepower and 570Nm of torque, fuel economy figures are rated at 2,5 liters/100km or 94mpg US with CO2 emissions of 59 g/km.


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