BMW might be prepping for energy recovery suspensions

The race for ever greener vehicles is, by now, apparent to pretty much anyone. To this end, car making industry giants are pouring millions into research and development.

BMW does the same, and it does it quite well, as the BMW i3 model proved. Now they aim to use regenerative suspension systems.

Regenerative ZF Suspension

Regenerative ZF Suspension

You need just some basic idea of how a vehicle works to realize that a lot of energy is wasted. For some years now, engineers have been meddling with systems that allow them to capture some of that energy and convert it to electricity, that would then be introduced to the car’s network.

A very good example of that is the regenerative braking system that uses the energy produced by braking to create electricity. Now, scientists are working on energy recovery suspensions, and recent reports say that BMW will also be using this technology.

The company that might provide the German car maker with what they need is ZF, as they already supply transmission systems for BMW. The way to go with the suspension is to convert the oil flow from the damper, which generates kinetic energy for every pothole into electricity that is then fed to the vehicle.

So, the rougher the road, the more electricity you will generate, although you might now want to drive you brand new Bimmer across rough terrain for the sake of efficiency.


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