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BMW sets up shop on facebook

I have never understood the need some car owners have to drape themselves in their chosen brand’s clothes, and sit around sipping coffee from the same brand’s mug.

But it happens and there are even a lot of enthusiasts that buy a certain car maker’s products even if they don’t own one of their models.

BMW Facebook Shop

BMW Facebook Shop

BMW, being one the giants on the industry, did not shy away from selling their own branded stuff. Now, they have taken it a bit further, opening shop on facebook, mating the shopping habit with the social experiment.

The online shop was integrated into the social network seamlessly. You can now do pretty much everything you could have done on BMW’s site, with the added bonus of sharing everything with your friends. Imagine having a friend’s birthday coming along and drawing blanks on ideas. The why not check if he liked any of BMW’s products and just buy that one?

Using your paypal account, Google checkout or any credit card, you can make secure transactions directly on facebook.


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  1. My my, if this isn’t the tune of the hater-ration that most BMW owners are all to familiar with!

  2. Shabbier Nagel says:

    Is this items available in Cape Town South African

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