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BMW plant in South Africa suffers from employee strike

When you buy a BMW, the fact that it is German engineered can be considered a boon.

But just because it’s a German car, it doesn’t mean it was built in Germany. In fact, a giant like BMW would not be able to handle the volume of work and the logistics if they were to operate only in the home country.

Rosslyn BMW Plant

Rosslyn BMW Plant

In order to bring the driving pleasure worldwide, the car maker relies on various plants all over the world, in South Africa, United States, India, China, Japan, Canada and Egypt. But recently, one of the plants seems to have encountered some problems.

At the Rosslyn plant, near Praetoria, South Africa, workers have gone on strike, slowing production and drawing in losses. So far, the numbers rise to 1.270 3 Series lost, an aftermath of a 2.150 workers strike. The reason for the strike seems to be the difference in pay between the shifts. To be more exact, any worker that does overtime until midnight received 17 percent more money while anyone burning the night oil past 12 gets 20 percent.


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  1. katlego mokgosi says:

    Greetings on the 13th of June 2014 I was at BMW Rosslyn plant I was just plant touring but I liked the experience so what I would like to know is when you guys are looking for employees am more welcome to work for you guys thank you if there is something please update me

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