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What goodies will BMW bring to this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show?

As you should already know, Frankfurt Motor Show will happen this year in between 12 and 22nd of September and many worldwide premieres are expected to happen.

While famous car makers from around the world start showing off or just teasing fans with their latest productions, you must be more than anxious to find out more about what goodies will BMW come up with.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Long story short, BMW promises to come with i3, i8, 4-Series, X5 and the new Active Tourer Outdoor concept. Furthermore, the German car maker is planning a lot more than a plain, traditional and slightly boring presentation form.

BMW i8

BMW i8

Apparently, BMW is setting up a track for the auto show in September. Shaped like the popular infinity symbol, it should make it possible for the previous cars to cover no less than 5.600 miles throughout the entire competition of 12 days.

BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series

Some might say that with such a track, it could not care less what models BMW will introduce. Nevertheless, we have to agree that both the units and the idea are daring and they should draw people like a magnet.


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