F15 BMW X5 M caught during more testing

BMW is the kind of company that affords to work on several models at a time, while also investing heavily on side projects and alternative technologies.

And with so many new models begin released one after the other, we might be inclined to overlook some.

F15 BMW X5 M

F15 BMW X5 M

While not quite as a big as the i3, i8 or 4 Series, the BMW X5 M has its own fanbase that hardly awaits for the vehicle to reach dealerships. Thing is, while the i3 is almost here and the 4 Series not far behind, the F15 X5 M is quite a ways out, with release date estimated close to the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

F15 BMW X5 M

F15 BMW X5 M

So until it will finally reach a dealer near them, BMW X5 M fans will have to make due with bits and pieces that the internet provides.The latest tidbit is a nice video of the said model doing test runs around the Nurburgring. You can take a gander at it just below.


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