BMW i8 and its driver

From we have gathered until now on the new BMW i8, the vehicle is shaping up to be quite the machine.

And while I think pretty much anyone would like to own one, BMW has a specific target demographic.

BMW i8 Concept

BMW i8 Concept

Apparently, we will be seeing a lot of 35 years old males behind the wheel of the BMW i8. And they will have a slight inclination towards technology. We should also expect them to be responsible drivers and only unleash the power harnessed by the i8 under certain conditions.

BMW i8 Concept

BMW i8 Concept

It is expected that mostly the people of USA, Germany, France and the UK will embrace the new hybrid model from the German car maker. While this is all nice, we all can barely wait for the BMW i8 to finally get done and hit the streets.


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