A BMW M3i Sports Coupe envisioned

The BMW i3 is already old news by now, and we should expect media attention to shift towards the next big thing from BMW, and that is the i8 sports car.

In preparation for the i8, Alexander Imnadze decided to go bit wild and designed a spin-off BMW he entitled the M3i.

BMW M3i Rendering

BMW M3i Rendering

In order to achieve this result, he gathered cues from not just the i8, but as he sais, he also drew inspiration from the Z and M Bimmers. The resulted vehicle is a possible competitor for cars like the Nissan GT-R or Aston Martin One-77.

BMW M3i Rendering

BMW M3i Rendering

While there is definitely something to this rendering, it is my honest opinion that it’s a step back from what we saw from the i8 so far. And while i don’t expect BMW to take any hints from this design, it is possible at least a tuning project to emerge from Alexander’s work.


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