BMW 3-Series

A special BMW 3 Series caught on the road

We have seen plenty of weird builds over the years, one crazier that the other.

And while tuners and owners try to get inspiration from various sources, it’s not every day that you one inspired by the heat of the summer.

Pool BMW 3 Series

Pool BMW 3 Series

As police officers were to find out, they pulled over a certain BMW 3 Series that was converted into a swimming pool on wheels. Needless to say it was not just illegal to drive the contraption on the road, but it also lacked license plates.

Pool BMW 3 Series

Pool BMW 3 Series

When the police made their appearance, the driver of the mobile BMW pool pulled into a parking lot and all the occupants fled. To make sure the vehicle will stay parked, the police deflated the wheels and disconnected the spark plug cables.

The custom ride had only one working gear, allowing it to reach a top speed of 25 km/h. And while the pool BMW might have seen like a good idea at the time, having an air conditioned 3 Series seems like the better way to cool off in the summer.


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