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Up to 6 concept models considered from BMW/Toyota collaboration

It has been a while since BMW announced a collaboration with Toyota in order to build a sports car.

And while rumors about said model have been wildly speculative, now we have some concrete news about what the joint venture will produce.

BMW Toyota Joint Venture

BMW Toyota Joint Venture

A BMW official stated that currently they are working on 4 to 6 model proposals, and while the final form was not agreed upon, chances are “it could be a mid-engined supercar or a traditional front-engined sports car. We don’t know yet.”

Another reveal says that from this collaboration not just one, but two final products will emerge, and we are assured that they will be 100% BMW. Thing is, most agree that the same goal could have been achieved without outside help, and the major fears are that the traditional BMW spirit will be diluted in these two new models.

So the question still remains: what does Toyota have and BMW is lacking that would account for the partnership? With more details sure to arrive, we will have our answer eventually.


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