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BMW DesignWorks and Singapore Airline shake hands

BMW’s DesignWorks is a world renowned design division, and besides working on the car maker’s projects, they take on plenty of side projects.

And working with an airline company is not something new, as others like Boeing Business Jets or Dassault Aviation have already benefited of DesignWorks’ talent.

First Class by BMW DesignWorks

First Class by BMW DesignWorks

On a more recent note, Singapore Airline requested the division’s help in designing the first class on their planes. “In First Class the topics are luxury, infotainment and the service quality that is expressed by design. Efficiency and functionality have priority” stated BMW DesignWorks president, Laurenz Schaffer.

From first looks, the new first class brings premium quality accommodations, with the comfort and privacy of the customer in mind. The real test for both DesignWorks and Singapore Airline will come in September, when the project will debut inside a Boeing 777-300ER.


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