E70 BMW X5 virtually impossible to steal

Aparently the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) doesn’t just investigate vehicles and demand recalls from car makers.

Recently, they also conducted a survey to see which cars are the most or the least stolen in the USA.

E70 BMW X5

E70 BMW X5

It should come to no surprise that BMW’s E70 X5 managed to get a very good score. Out of 1000 units built, the survey showed 0 were stolen. This is quite impressive, and the other two cars that managed to get a perfect score were the Volvo XC70 and the Lexus SC.

E70 BMW X5

E70 BMW X5

On the other hand, the most stolen car in US seems to be the Dodge Charger, which registered 4.8 thefts for each 1000 units. The Mitshubishi Galant, Cadillac STS and Lamborghini Gallardo also make a shameful appearance as some of the most stolen vehicles. As for the E70 BMW X5, the NHTSA thinks the key feature that makes it hard to steal is the ignition immobilizers.


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