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Software upgrade created backlog at BMW

If you own any kind of technological device, you most likely know about the importance of keeping its software updated.

Big companies like BMW, who are heavily reliant on technology, must make sure their software are always up to date and running smoothly.

BMW Parts

BMW Parts

Unfortunately for the car maker, the latest update for their software messed the system up. The software upgrade caused many car parts to go missing. Now, vehicles that were checked in BMW dealerships for various issues are stuck there, creating a backlog and making a lot of owners mad.

Right now, approximately 1.200 vehicles are stuck in dealerships. In an effort to mitigate the damage, BMW started giving out loaner cars to those affected by this issue. But not everyone desired the same replacement car, and so BMW’s costs started to rise, reaching close to three times the estimate.

This definitely outlines just how much we depend on technology, and any kind of flaw in the software can cause massive damage to a company.


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