E92 BMW M3 production came to a halt

Since 2007 the E92 BMW M3 has given true driving pleasure to owners world wide. This week the legacy has come to its final chapter, as the last M3 rolls out the assembly line.

The E92 BMW M3 coupe has reached 40.000 units produced, while there were 16.000 convertibles and 10.000 sedans.

The last E92 BMW M3

The last E92 BMW M3

And while the M3 convertible will still continue until September, this is it for the E92. Some might even argue that the E92 was gone for quite a while now. Soon after it was confirmed that the M3 coupe will be replaced by a future M4, BMW announced that the remainder of the M3s to be made were all spoken for.

The last E92 BMW M3

The last E92 BMW M3

There will be plenty of people with a blue heart mourning the passing of such a great machine, but as news keep pouring in about the 4 Series, the future seems bright for an M4. And as for the next gen M3 sedan, schedule places its release in early 2014.


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