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Chargemaster Point

BMW investing in Chargemaster

The big news this week is the recent world unveiling of the BMW i3 city car. And with the car pretty much done and ready to roll out the dealerships, the German car maker has shifted attention to the other side of the coin. As much as one might like […]

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5 years ago
BMW i3 visualizer goes live

BMW i3 visualizer goes live

BMW’s i3 model was recently launched and while the news is still hot, the German also made the online visualizer available for browsing. This brings a little something for buyers to do until the model will go on sale this fall. Once you hit the site, you can peruse several […]

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5 years ago
BMW Welt anniversary

BMW Welt opens its gates for the 100.000th buyer

BMW fans are already familiarized with the rather unique sales experience proposed by the BMW Welt building in Munchen. Opened only a few years ago, the Munchen center allowed its clients a fascinating behind-doors experience prior to claiming their BMW car and leaving the building behind a brand new car […]

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BMW i3 unveiled to the world, sales to start in fall

BMW i3 unveiled to the world, sales to start in fall

In a world premier that was broadcast live on 3 different continents, the BMW i3 was officially presented to the world. When we first heard about BMW’s plans to build the i3, everyone was taken in by the prospect, but what exactly would that mean for the industry? For sure, […]

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Alpina B6 GranCoupe BiTurbo spied

2014 Alpina B6 GranCoupe BiTurbo spotted

Alpina prepares the debut of the new B6 GranCoupe BiTurbo with the prototype being spied again during tests. This time the new model, based on the BMW 650i, was seen on the Nürburgring and is expected to debut in the coming months. Under the hood we will find the 4.4-liter […]

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Pool BMW 3 Series

A special BMW 3 Series caught on the road

We have seen plenty of weird builds over the years, one crazier that the other. And while tuners and owners try to get inspiration from various sources, it’s not every day that you one inspired by the heat of the summer. As police officers were to find out, they pulled […]

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe by LEIB

LEIB Engineering offers a power kit for the BMW 1 Series M Coupe

LEIB Engineering released details and photos on a comprehensive tuning kit for the well-known BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The little sporty German hatchback is already a racer but thanks to the German tuner, it gets even more awesome. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine is now capable to produce 400 horsepower […]

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BMW i3

BMW i3 EV to go online, dealers condemn the decision of online sales

The anxiously expected BMW i3, announced to be officially presented on 29th of July, is not only going to revolutionize the EV segment of the German car maker, but also introduce the online sales option. According to Lorraine Kruger, sales director of BMW Group, the officials are considering pushing the […]

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5 years ago
BMW X5 by Lumma Design

Lumma Design presents upcoming 2014 BMW X5 tuning kit

Lumma Design released initial details and photos on the CLR X5 RS, the company’s newest proposal for the upcoming BMW X5, the new generation of course. The German SUV has been revealed back in May but the company will start selling it from November. Until then, Lumma Design wastes no […]

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BMW i3 Powertrain

BMW i3 to launch simultaneously on 3 continents

When BMW first announced the “born electric” i3 city car, it immediately drew in the attention of the car building industry. Since then, the car was gradually discovered thanks to a steady stream of official or unofficial news and photos. The BMW i3 is the coronation of many technological breakthroughs, […]

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