BMW growing bigger and bigger on China’s market

To those who were anxiously looking into BMW’s marketing strategies on the Asian market, things have started to move again.

After the introduction of the new BMW 3 series GT on what is considered to be the world’s largest auto market, the officials make bold future predictions.

BMW China Market

BMW China Market

According to BMW China Trading’s president, Xu Zhijun, they are still having positive signals from the market, while the sales for luxury units are still high, even though they are currently registering a descending trend.

By a descendant trend we mean that the margins drop down with anything in between 1 and 2 %, in a context where BMW’s sales numbers are due to the Chinese market in percent of 15 to 20!

Therefore, despite the optimistic statements we have witnessed, the Chinese buyers are orienting themselves more and more towards cheaper and more compact cars, leaving aside the highly exclusive and expensive models.

BMW China Market

BMW China Market

Looking forward to see how will BMW handle these tendencies, we will focus, in the meantime, on the evolution of sales on other major markets as well.


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