BMW International Open hits its 25th anniversary

Yesterday we were so excited to discuss the 19 prizes that BMW received from Automotive Brand Contest in Munich for its remarkable designs, that we overlook another significant event – BMW International Open.

Reaching its 25th anniversary, BMW International Open is happening as we speak, starting from yesterday. If you have long been watching this event, you know what we are talking about.

25th BMW International Open

25th BMW International Open

After all, the number 25 is not as little as it may seem. In fact, it makes from BMW International Open the longest event powered by the same sponsor from the entire European Tour International Schedule.

25th BMW International Open

25th BMW International Open

We come to salute this beautiful initiative of encouraging Golf championships, especially as it comes from a notorious car maker. After all, over 12.500 people came to Munich Golfclub.

So the viewers are cheering them up, the temperatures going slightly over 30 degrees make perfect conditions and the BMW International Open is still waiting for amateurs to join.

25th BMW International Open

25th BMW International Open

Anyone interested can attend to a free course every Friday so if you are around, you should definitely take the change and put your foot at BMW International Open – again, it is a historical round!


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