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BMW involved in aiding flood victims

Whenever we think about big corporations, we think about soulless money grabbing monsters without a face who would stop at nothing to get their way.

That is not necessarily the case with all big companies, and BMW proved to be a bit kinder to the people.

BMW Fire Department

BMW Fire Department

In light of the recent events in more than one country, the German car maker stepped in to help the ones in need. I am referring to the massive floods affecting several European nations, and Germany is no exception. BMW took the initiative and deployed its fire department to the areas surrounding the company’s plants.

The excess water will be drained thanks to the special trucks BMW provided in the towns of Regensburg, Munich, Dingolfing and Landshut. Going one step further, BMW is even offering 1.5 million EUR as relief for the victims of the recent floods. And while this will also benefit the car maker in the long run, as such good publicity will surely work in their favor, we like to think this was a completely selfless act from BMW.


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