The BMW i3 will kill conventional cars

The day when conventional vehicles will be replaced by alternative power ones seems to be drawing closer. Bob Lutz, the ex-vice chairman of GM expressed an interesting thought in a recent press release.

He said that the vision of electric cars replacing diesel or gasoline ones is now closer than ever. And the one to open this road might be the BMW i3.

BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 Concept

While not going into details, a recent announcement said that GM and BMW managed to overcome, or at least drastically improve one of the biggest drawbacks of electric vehicles, and that is the infrastructure. It seems that a certain milestone has been reached in developing a reliable and fast recharge station that can be used worldwide.

Could this recent breakthrough be the result of all these years that electric vehicles have spent refining or is it the effort BMW and GM put in? It is probably a bit of both, but one thing it seems more certain is that the BMW i3 will be a real trend setter and it is expected to spark a real revolution in motoring.


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