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10th anniversary of the BMW M3 CSL celebrated

BMW has a very large group of enthusiasts world-wide, and within that group, there are several close knit communities that have been mesmerized by one model or another.

One of those proud communities is celebrating 10 years since their favorite model has been launched.



I am talking about the BMW M3 CSL fans, 50 of which have gathered to show their love for their vehicle. For the same occasion BMW released a video where the nature of the M3 CSL is explained. Basically, the BMW M3 CSL is a lightweight version of the normal M3 (110 kg lighter), giving the limited edition car better performance.

This weight reduction was possible thanks to the use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber. BMW only made 1.383 units of the M3 CSL, and it was so good that in just a few months they were all sold. For more details, follow the video below.


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