BMW 2-Series

Camouflaged BMW 2 Series crashed on the Autobahn

The highly anticipated BMW 2 Series has been spied several times so far, revealing some detail for all to see, but the underpinnings are still to be caught on film.

But now, there are several pictures floating out there that show what the 2 Series sports under the hood.

Crashed BMW 2 Series

Crashed BMW 2 Series

Unfortunately, the reason for that is because, during a test, the pilot crashed the BMW and the front end is pretty much gone. I’d like to point out from the start that there were no casualties, and the driver of the Bimmer only sustained minor injuries.

Crashed BMW 2 Series

Crashed BMW 2 Series

It seems that while subjecting the BMW 2 Series to a high speed test, the car clipped the right barrier and the results are clear in the pictures. It is yet unclear if this was a technical malfunction or human error, but the bits and pieces of the vehicle flew all around, even hitting other cars. From what it seems, the crashed model is either a 225i variant of maybe even a diesel.


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