BMW 3-Series

Malaysia receives the BMW 3 Series GT

The latest Bimmer to be welcomed by the Malaysian is the 3 Series GT, more specifically the 328i.

And it is a wonderful vehicle that will surely get its share of fans over there, too.

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series GT

Under the hood the BMW 328i sports the N20 engine, which is good for 245 Hp and 350 Nm of torque. This is the 4 cylinder engine developed by BMW and appraised by all. But while the gasoline-powered 3 Series is a wonderful machine, it seems the Malaysian people prefer diesel burners.

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series GT

The most requests were for the BMW 320d, and not 328i. Unfortunately, the German car maker is holding that certain model back, for now at least. The BMW 328i comes to Malaysia with a price tag of 348.800 RM, which is about 112.000 USD. Standard features include 19 inch alloy wheels, and you can choose from 6 paint colors for the exteriors while on the inside, you get leather upholstery.


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