BMW and ASRock build a PC

In a joint endeavor with ASRock, BMW set out to build a worthy piece of gaming technology to display at the Taipei COMPUTEX fair.

BMW DesignWorks USA answered a challenge thrown by ASRock and from that the M8 gaming PC took shape.

M8 gaming PC

M8 gaming PC

The M8 PC is quite easy on the the eyes, and BMW designed it to work as both tower and the more classic desktop style unit. No matter how you choose to sit the M8 PC, ASRock’s key production item, the motherboard, will be displayed with great effect. That is achieved thanks to a transparent side, allowing for a view into the working of the PC.

M8 gaming PC

M8 gaming PC

The side panels on the M8 gaming PC can easily be removed if the need arises thanks to them being held in place with magnets. A control knob is placed centrally and through it and a display you can control things on your computer such as volume and fan speed while also allowing for monitoring of the temperatures and resource usage.


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