BMW lies about the real CO2 emissions

As you might know, come 2020, the European emission standards are going to be stricter.

And while the car makers all struggle to get greener cars on the road, some find it harder than others.

Car CO2 Emissions

Car CO2 Emissions

BMW is a prime example for not going down without a fight in the CO2 emissions struggle. While they are implementing lower capacity engines, they still think the new standards are harsh, and reaching them is close to impossible without outside financial aid (i.e. government).

On the other hand, Volkswagen seems to be happy with the new CO2 emission standards, being very optimistic in their chances to reach them by the deadline.

And while Volkswagen is making strides and are happy to report their new numbers, BMW seems to be trying to hide them. Reports show that the emission disclosed by BMW are actually some 30 percent below real-world emissions, probably trying to save some face. Audi is in a similar situation, releasing numbers 28 percent lower than in reality.

So car companies’ policies differ in relation with these standards, and with only 7 more years to go until the deadline, it’s uncertain if things will change.


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