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Coupe rendering of a BMW X4

The new crossover SUV from BMW is still quite a while out, due date being somewhere in 2014. I am talking about the BMX X4, of course.

And even if we don’t really know how the X4 will look like once it hits the assembly line, some have already started dreaming up variants for it. All based on the concept.

BMW X4 Coupe Rendering

BMW X4 Coupe Rendering

Theophilus Chin is one such guy, who thinks the world needs more coupe crossovers. And one based on the new BMW X4 would do very nice. So he got his game on and rendered his vision of the BMW X4 Coupe.

BMW X4 Coupe Rendering

BMW X4 Coupe Rendering

Arguing that the X4 is too similar to the X6 in design, he thinks a coupe BMW X4 makes a lot of sense, and the German car maker should really consider this. I have to admit that he does make a valid point, especially when backed by the renderings of his idea.

But even if he manages to get the ball rolling on the BMW X4 Coupe, it will be a long wait until we will see one, so until then let’s just enjoy Theophilus Chin’s work.

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