BMW 2-Series / Spy Photos

BMW M235i spy photos

It is time again to see what the curious photographers of the car making industry managed to grab for us.

Coming straight from the Nurburgring, the new BMW M235i shows us just how far the German company has gotten with their new model.

BMW M235i Spy Shot

BMW M235i Spy Shot

BMW is looking to expand its vehicle range, and not only by adding completely new cars like the i3 or i8, but also by re-organizing the existing lineup. For example, the new BMW 2 Series will replace certain 1 Series models, namely the coupe.

BMW M235i Spy Shot

BMW M235i Spy Shot

Presented to us on this new batch of spy shots is one such BMW 2-Series, but not just any one. This is the BMW M235i, rumored to be sporting under the hood a N55 3 liter turbocharged engine capable of churning out 340 Hp.

BMW M235i Spy Shot

BMW M235i Spy Shot

As for the exterior and general styling lines, we can’t glean too much from these shots. Only the roof and mirrors are not clad in camouflage. We can also get the general idea of the head and tail lights, and the sunroof is quite the sight in the BMW M235i. Until we know more about the car, let’s just enjoy the pictures.

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