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BMW has set out to study China

Today, if you are a car maker and you don’t sell your products in China, than you are missing out on some serious business.

China’s car market has become the largest in the world, grabbing a lot of attention from most automotive giants.

BMW in China

BMW in China

Being one of those giants, BMW has taken notice, and their reaction includes dumping large amounts of money for studying the trends of the Chinese market. And for good reason, as if we have learned something about asians and cars, it’s that they do have weird tastes, so the normal trends don’t really apply.

One of the more obvious requests from drivers in China involves more legroom for the rear seats. This shows that the driver has respect for the family or friends back there. This also explains why the 3, 5 and 7 series special long wheelbase versions have done so well on the Chinese market.

Another huge trend in China at the moment involves tele-dining. This basically means that via an audio-video messenger (like skype) you can have a meal with you friend from far away. This also means that you have to go to certain food chains that support this feature.

But how does this translate to the car making industry? I don’t know, but that’s what BMW is paying to find out.


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